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Jul 31, 2020

The gang at The Produce Stand discuss episode 2 of season 1 of Letterkenny titled, 'Super Soft Birthday'.


Episode Limerick

It's Dery's birthday edition,
And the Hicks are all on a mission,
To throw a party so soft,
Even 10-plys will scoff,
Because you just don't fuck with tradition.


Wayne's Words of Wisdom


Jul 24, 2020

The gang at The Produce Stand discuss episode 1 of season 1 of Letterkenny titled, 'Ain't No Reason To Get Excited'.


Episode Limerick

Like Wayne, there simply aren't many,
Sure as Pastor Glen won't shag Ginny,
One night at Modean's,
Angie's new Beau was mean,
So Wayne welcomed him to fucking Letterkenny.



Jul 17, 2020

Al, Tanya, Mat, and Victor get together to discuss their new podcast about the show Letterkenny. Listen in as they discuss ideas on how they're going to proceed.

Featured Music

The Letterkenny theme song is ‘Who Needs A Girl Like You’ by Indian Wars (

Welcome to The Produce Stand Podcast

Jul 13, 2020

Letterkenny Logo

Al is a big fan of Letterkenny. He thinks it's one of the best, funniest and most inclusive shows to come out of Canada. His wife Tanya thinks he's crazy, so Al has created this podcast along with his friends Mat and Victor to try to convince Tanya that he's not crazy. Will they succeed or will Tanya convince them that...