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Aug 19, 2022


The gang are joined by their buddy Jason Ikerd who kicks out his favourite Squirrely Dan reactions scenes.

Episode Limerick

Tonight we celebrate the Squirreliest of Dans,
And Jason has arrived list in hand,
For the Squirrely D fest,
Breaking down all of his best,
Cause that's what we appreciates bout the man.

Aug 12, 2022

Al and Tanya are back from vacation and they have some words for the TPS Takeover Team.

Episode Limerick

Hitting the road, Al and Tan get in gear,
The first vacation in a couple of years,
But now they're back at the lair,
With some stories to share,
Wait a sec...has somebody been here?

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Diabolical Coffee

Aug 9, 2022

Al & Tanya are still on vacation, so their listeners decide to push their luck, break into The Produce Stand AGAIN and record another episode.

Episode Limerick

We took over without firin' a shot,
Piece of cake, and didn't even get caught,
So now we're havin' a go,
And WE'RE doin' the show,
But this shit's kinda...

Aug 8, 2022

While Al & Tanya are on vacation, some of their listeners break into The Produce Stand and decide to record their own episode.

Episode Limerick

You see every week you'll find me writin'
The limericks that we hear Mat recitin',
I just sit down and do it,
There's really not much to it,
So yea, it's not really...

Aug 5, 2022

The gang at The Produce Stand are joined by Tyler Johnston, who plays Stewart on Letterkenny.